Pasco & Hernando County -
Flood Zone Changes

With the implementation of the new Flood Zones in Hernando County, you may find that
you are newly in a Flood Zone or removed from one.  If your property is affected your
mortgage company will likely contact you and require you to obtain Flood Insurance.  If
you have been removed from a Flood Zone, you may want to remove the Flood
Insurance you already have to save yourself some money.  
In either case we can help.

To get Flood Insurance, it is almost certain that your insurance company is going to
require an Elevation Certificate.  This is an actual elevation of the floor of your home
and a spot elevation of the ground of your property that we would measure in the field.
After taking the measurements we then fill out the County provided form and it is signed
and sealed.  You will receive several copies for your use.

If your property has been designated in a Flood Zone but the zone line does not envelop
or cross through your home you may be eligible to apply for a A Letter of Map
Amendment (LOMA).  We can provide the necessary documents to support your claim.  
These documents may include an Elevation Certificate, or Boundary Survey showing the
permanent structure on your property and where exactly the Flood Zone Line is on said
property.  We will be able to tell you by examining your property if this is a possible route
to you.  Once that determination is made it will be up to you to contact FEMA to find out
what specific documents they are going to require from you.

Lastly, if you have been removed from a Flood Zone and your insurance company or
mortgage company requires proof that you have been removed we can provide a Flood
Determination Letter.  This is a signed and sealed document from a registered land
surveyor that certifies your property is no longer in a flood zone.
Need Flood Insurance?
Are you eligible for a LOMA?
Need to prove you've been remove from a Flood Zone?
What we can do to help
Pasco & Hernando County has developed new Flood Zone Maps.  If
your property is affected please read below.
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